Imagine you are an invited guest among a sea of 200 other invited guests at a friend’s wedding. The ceremony is over and it is time to enter the dining room for a special meal. You enter the dining area fully expecting to sit and wait for your table to be called to the buffet, where you will stand in line waiting for your food. But instead, what you find on the table at your seat, is a lovely, pre-planned, well thought out welcome! It may be a fresh dinner salad, a delectable appetizer, or tasty amuse bouche, but it matters not. What matters is that you feel as though you have been given a gift, a respite from what you thought the process would be, and you feel yourself relax. So, you gratefully begin to enjoy this preset gift that your hosts have carefully planned for you, when you notice servers approaching your table, each of them carrying white porcelain dishes of hot, steaming vegetables and platters of tender meat. The servers place the food directly on your table and it is in this precise moment that you realize that there will be no buffet lines tonight. Instead your hosts have arranged for the meal to come to you. A smile spreads across your face, and you feel pampered and special, honored and thankful, as you spoon onto your plate the food you love, and then pass it along to others at your table. Second helpings are no more than an arm’s length away. Refills are available as well. It is a night to remember. The Prepared Table, just like family.  What would an event be like if I choose family style food service? Call Terri for more information! 423-316-1727