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Cranberry Bacon Dark Green Salad w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette

Farmhouse Apple and Cheddar Dark Green Salad w/ Creamy Citrus Vinaigrette

Irish Pub Salad w/ Sweet Cream Dressing

Southern Style Cole Slaw w/ Carrots

7 Layer Salad

Traditional Tossed Salad (cucumbers and tomatoes)

Mandarin Walnut  Dark Green Salad w/ Creamy Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing

Tuscan Italian Salad

Strawberry Spinach and Dark Green Salad w/ Strawberry Vinaigrette

Black Eyed Pea and Spinach Salad w/ Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Asian Cole Slaw




Chocolate Ganache Slender Cheesecake

 Pumpkin Cream Cake

Pear, Apple, or Mixed Fruit Crumble

Traditional Peach Cobbler

                Chocolate Velvet Cake

 White Mint Cake w/ Crushed Peppermint

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Cool Chocolate Cake

Oreo Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

Triple Berry Trifle

Grand Marnier Orange Cream Iced Chocolate Cake

Old Fashioned Chocolate Marble Cake

Traditional Coconut Cake

Blackberry Coconut Cake

Lemon Buttercream Cake

White Almond Cake

 Cookie / Brownie Platter

 Banana Pudding


(Pricing dependent upon menu selections)

Southern Classic Entrées

Roast Beef with Pan Juices


Beef Stroganoff


Mesquite Smoked Turkey


Herb Roasted Turkey


Country Style Ham with Red Eye Gravy


Broccoli Ham Pot Pie


Honey Glazed Ham


Herb Roasted Pork


Teriyaki Pork Roast


Herb Roasted Chicken


White Cheddar Chicken


Cracker Crusted Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie


Grilled Chicken Tenders


Chicken and Rice Casserole


Southern Classic Sides

Hash Brown Casserole


Italian Green Beans


Brown Sugar Green Beans


Broccoli Casserole


Turnip Green Casserole


Traditional Cornbread Dressing


Cheddar Garlic Grits


Triple Mac and Cheese


Marshmallow Topped Sweet Potato Casserole


Buttered Carrots


Mixed Vegetable Casserole


English Peas


Black Eyed Peas with Ham

Double Portion Classic Entrées

Canadian Steak Style Roast Beef


Beer Braised or Tangy Holiday Glazed Brisket


Apricot Glazed Turkey


Cranberry Glazed Turkey


Holiday Pineapple Glazed Ham


Molasses Coffee Glazed Ham


Tangy Holiday Ham


Cranberry Orange Pork Loin


Chicken Dijon


Champagne Chicken


Chicken Divan


Chicken Artichoke


Toasted Almond Chicken

Double Portion Classic Sides

Sour Cream and Chive Mashed Red Skinned Potatoes


Green Beans Amadine


Savory Green Beans with Bacon


Broccoli Raisin Salad


Spinach Souffle


Broccoli Cornbread Dressing


Grits and Collards Casserole


Tomato Basil Penne


Pecan Crusted Sweet Potatoes


Rosemary Garlic Carrots



(Winter Vegetable Casserole)


Creamed English Peas


Pineapple Casserole

Elegant Dining Entrées

Roast Beef A la Moutarde


Burgundy Roast Beef


Apple Brandy Glazed Turkey


Citrus Rosemary or Blackberry Fig Glazed Turkey


Maple Mustard Glazed Ham


Cherry Basil Glazed Ham


Burgundy Ham


Herb Roasted Pork Loin with Fresh Pear Relish


Two Plum Pork Loin


Coq AuVin


Chicken with Tomato Basil Cream


Raspberry Vinaigrette Chicken


Cranberry Pistachio Chicken


Chicekn Portabella Penne

Southern Classic Sides

Fontina Grits and Collard Greens


Green Beans in Tomato Cream



Green Beans Wild Rice Casserole with Almonds


Crusted Broccoli Au Gratin


Portabella Spinach Souffle


Sausage Apple Cornbread Dressing


Smoked Gouda Grits Casserole


Rice Jardin

(With squash, corn and tomato)


Rum Raisin Sweet Potato Casserole


Carrot Souffle


Ham and Pear Rice Medley


Tarragon Cream and Bacon English Peas


Whipped Potatoes with Celery